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Manny *heart* Millar

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A couple of things to say: [Oct. 9th, 2005|02:53 am]
Manny *heart* Millar


#1 -- The Red Sox better not think of trying to trade Manny because that's just dumb in itself. Manny better refuse a trade.

#2 -- The Red Sox need to resign Millar even if he's just on the bench because they're not trading Manny (see above) and they need to keep him happy.

#3 -- I was searching for Mirabelli pix and it brought me to this fun little thread in another forum about Manny and Millar and their loooovveee.... http://p075.ezboard.com/fsurvivinggrady66354frm10.showMessageRange?topicID=38.topic&start=41&stop=60

From: ginger_jacobs
2005-10-09 10:11 am (UTC)
No one is going to take Manny. He's too much money and no one wants to take that salary on, not to mention, we can't get anyone who would be a suitable replacement(financially)....why does everyone believe the media? So there is no need to worry.
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